#OccupyGezi: The Power of Images

A Data Study on the Viral Power of Images

We are all Taksim

The hashtag "#DirenGezi" (‘Resist, Gezi’) propagates internationally and makes evident international support towards Turkey

"The whole world is watching", which reproduces the text of the tweet accompanying this image, is a classic anatheme of activism. Coined by Don Rose, "press officer" of peace groups protesting against Vietnam War around the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968, the sentence claimed transparency as the best weapon against police repression and impunity.

This happened on May 31st when the hashtag #DirenGezi (“Resist, Gezi”) was a Global Trending Topic, making visible international solidarity with Turkey and, at the same time, the autonomy of crowds to create broadcast networks with global reach, regardless of the media. Only that day the number of tweets with this hashtag reached 950,000, which evolved as the protests progressed, mutating into others like #Occupygezi #capulcu #Occupyturkey #tayyipistifa, #direnAnkara or #duranduran.

Viral notes

Date Ranges
2013/05/31 22:12:14 GMT - 2013/06/11 09:31:18 GMT
Number of tweets including the image:
Original image tweet
Viral hubs (>10RT)
Viral half-life
1h 12m 19'' to reach half of tweets (2190)
Diffusion speed peak
4.8 tweets/second
Estimated reach
5849180 accounts
A retweet of this tweet, by Erdil Yasaroglu, famous caricaturist (1058495 followers at the moment) from Turkey, at 22:42 GMT, really bumps up the viralization
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